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At Westlake Dental our Lloydminster dentists use laser restorative dentistry with Waterlase in a range of hard and soft tissue procedures, from tooth extractions and root canals to regenerating nerves.

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What is Laser Restorative Dentistry?

Dental lasers are used in a range of soft and hard tissue procedures, either for healing and repair purposes or to help improve patient experience while providing efficient dental care.

With laser restorative Waterlase dentistry, our dentists at Westlake Dental combine laser energy, water spray and air to treat many oral health issues safely and effectively, and with less pain than conventional methods involving drills or needles. This minimally invasive device allows us to perform a range of procedures, from treating cold sores to regenerating nerves, and to help restore your smile - and your oral health.

Laser Restorative Dentistry

Waterlase dentistry combines laser energy, water spray and air to allow our dentists to perform a variety of procedures from cold sore treatment to root canals and nerve regeneration safely, efficiently and effectively. 

How Waterlase Restorative Dentistry Works

Lasers have become a popular tool for dentists, as they seek to reduce the risk of pain, complications and healing time for their patients while increasing comfort and easing recovery.

Restorative laser treatment with Waterlase allows us to treat many procedures in a minimally invasive manner, minus drills or injections.

This device combines air, water and laser energy to use safely and effectively. When the laser makes contact with your tooth (which is partly made of water), it cuts through the tooth, sprays water, and keeps the tooth hydrated.

Laser energy is applied to the affected area for just a few seconds. Patients typically tell us their pain is soon alleviated and that they notice healing occurs relatively quickly. They are sometimes able to avoid taking prescription medication, which can have side effects. 

Uses for Waterlase Restorative Dentistry

Our dentists at Westlake Dental use Waterlase restorative dentistry for many practical applications, such as:

  • Reshaping gums
  • Lengthening crowns
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Root Canals
  • Completing Dental Fillings
  • Regenerating nerves, blood vessels, and scars
  • Reducing cold sore pain and oral growths

Your dentist can diagnose your oral health condition and help you determine if laser restorative dentistry with Waterlase is right for you. Contact us today.

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